Moving some print material

I have decided to move some of the training materials to

In order to cover the costs of this site, users can now download the Understanding MDCA FTL 2016 instructional documents as a kindle readable document, or order a hard copy from Amazon.



MDCA – Moving towards EASA styled Regulations.

The MDCA issued FOD 60OR-16. Directing a re-codification of the MCAR’s on 12-Sep-2016. Part of this is process includes ORO subpart FTL (Flight Time Limitations)..

The regulations primarily still follows the scheme as published under UK-CAA CAP-371.

The scheme has been re-established to follow the organisation under EASA ORO.FTL.

With introduction of the new organisation, the DCA has decided to introduce sections for Scope, Operator responsibilities, Crew responsibilities, Reserve and Nutrition. The regulation as currently published aligns the Cumulative Duty Limitations for both Flight Crew and Cabin Crew to the same limitations.

I have revised all material concerning the new regulations.


Understanding MDCA FTL 2016 v1.0

Welcome to Understanding MDCA AIC200535

A site dedicated to share information concerning the Flight Time Limitations as established by the MDCA (Malaysia). The regulations are very similar to the CAA-UK CAP371 FTL, but users should understand that differences do exist.

I will present the information in a generic manner to allow the commercial operators and Crew members, a baselined starting point.

Readers are encouraged to:

  • Add any questions should any information be unclear
  • Point out problems with interpretations being presented
  • Advise of any missing information


None of these interpretations are endorsed, or approved by the MDCA.  Always check the approved OPSPEC and Operations Manual.